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What Are Composite Doors & Why Choose Them For Your Home?

Composite doors are a popular choice for many homeowners. So, what exactly are they made of and why are they so highly sought after? Read on to find out more about these structures for your property.

The Material

Composite doors can have a combination of materials used in the making of the unit. At its core, there is a solid piece of timber. Each design will vary, but it is then generally covered in uPVC, laminate or GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic).

The Benefits


The combinaton of materials used on these units is what makes it a popular choice for many. The outside layers ensure that it is weather resistant and that it won’t rot or fade when faced with heavy rain and extreme temperatures. What’s more, these structures can last for 30 years, making it an excellent investment for the future of your home.

New Composite door and uPVC door


The strong materials ensure that it is a solid unit, making it an excellent choice if you want to ensure the safety of a building. For a more secure property, choose composite doors.

Little Maintenance

These entrances don’t need much to keep them looking great. They won’t need sanding or painting when they get worn. With a regular clean, as you would with any door, they keep their sleek appearance for a long time.

Excellent Insulator

As composite doors have a timber core, they are natural insulators. This means that it’s an effective layer to your home to help keep it energy efficient. For those cold winters, you’ll benefit from keeping the heat inside your home. This means you won’t need the heating on for as long, so you might also save some money in the long run!

Green composite door

Many Designs Available

With a wide range of colours, materials and designs on offer, composite doors are a great choice for every home. Whether you have a more traditional exterior, or whether you’re looking for something more modern, there’s a suitable option for every building.

For Quality Composite Doors, Get In Touch

Contact our team today for quality home entrances. We can supply and install a range of designs to suit your property. What’s more, we are happy to issue a 10-year guarantee on all our products.

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