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How To Keep Conservatories Clean

Conservatories are a stunning addition to any home. Keeping them in great condition helps to maintain the light and spacious benefits they bring to a building. Here are our tips on keeping the structure clean.

Maintaining Conservatories: What You Might Need

Cleaning conservatories doesn’t require many supplies. Most of these are probably already in your possession. You will need a sponge, soapy water, window cleaning solution, a squeegee, a microfibre cloth, a duster and perhaps some ladders.

Inside an Edwardian conservatory

Top To Bottom

When cleaning windows and doors in conservatories, it’s always best to start from the top. This means that dirt won’t trickle down onto freshly washed panes. If you’re struggling to reach, make sure you’re standing on something stable like a step ladder.   

Wipe The UPVC

Start the cleaning process by dusting away anything that has settled onto the frames and panes. Cobwebs might be hanging around, so get rid of them first. To clean the uPVC elements, all that is needed is a sponge and soapy water. This type of material is easy to maintain, making it a popular choice for many homes.

Wiping Down uPVC
Man Cleaning Windows

Clean The Windows

It’s important to clean the uPVC elements of conservatories first, so the glass is left gleaming. For a quick clean of the windows, a simple spray with window cleaner and a wipe with a cloth can do the job.

For a more thorough wash, you can apply cleaning solution and water to the glass. A squeegee can then be used to neatly swipe excess water away. You should start at the top of the glass and go side to side until you reach the bottom. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe away any drips, and your glass will look as good as new.

Exterior Of Conservatories

Now that the interior is done, it’s time to tackle the outside. It might require slightly more elbow grease as it tends to be a bit dirtier outside. The best course of action, again, is starting from the top.

Edwardian style conservatory
Emptying gutters

Tackle The Roof

If it is safe to do so, ladders can be set up to better reach your roof. For glassed roofs, an extendable window cleaner can be used to wash the outside panes. The guttering system can then be cleaned, simply by removing any debris and flushing out the pipes with water.

The same steps for the window inside can be followed to clean the outside frames and panes.

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These structures are simple to maintain and wonderful features for any property. At Window Warehouse, we can build bespoke conservatories. We supply and install a range of styles to suit your home, so contact us today for more information.

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