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Should I Double Glaze All Windows?

At Window Warehouse, we supply and install both double and triple-glazed windows. Double glazing is where there are two panes of glass within a single unit, and triple describes three. This increases the performance of the units and it comes with many benefits. Sometimes they are separated by a pocket of gas to reduce heat transfer. In this article, we answer some frequently asked questions about glazing. So, should you get double glazing?

Double glazing has many benefits, so upgrading all windows will help to improve the energy efficiency in your home. It will help to retain heat well and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If you have older, single glazing, then you might want to think about replacing these units.

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Why Is Double Glazed Windows Better Than Single?

Double glazing is better than single because it provides an extra layer of protection. This has benefits, including reducing heat transfer and keeping the warmth inside. This in turn means that it will cost less to heat the house, and therefore could mean savings on your energy bills. The two layers also provide a defence against outside noise pollution such as lawnmowers and loud passersby.  

How Often Should Double Glazing Be Replaced?

Quality double-glazed windows can last for around 15-20 years if maintained. When they start to get older, they should be replaced. With daily wear and tear, over the years these units will get less and less efficient. So, if you have old panes and frames over a certain age, it will be worth getting replacements. It can even save you money on energy bills.

What Are The Signs Of Double Glazing Failure?

If condensation is getting between the panes, this is a sure sign of a faulty unit. If there are draughts, leaks, or obvious damage to the panes and the frames, this can impact the efficiency of the windows. They may either require repairs or full replacements.

Triple Or Double Glazed Windows: Which Is Better?

With the addition of another pane, triple glazing can perform even better than double glazing. Depending on the quality, the energy rating on three panes is going to be better than two. Triple glazing can also help enhance the security around your house and reduce the chances of condensation.

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